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2007-09-27  September 6, 2007

New Research Analyzes Global Perceptions About Online Dating and Success Rates

A new study by research firm Synovate has found that 49 percent of people believe that online dating is a great way to meet others while 48 percent believe it is a "waste of time".

Globally, 15 percent of respondents said they had used an online personal ad or online dating service to meet a potential romantic interest, with the French (29 percent), Filipinos (21 percent) and Americans (15 percent) being the biggest online daters.

In a bid to find out what makes online daters click, Synovate surveyed 4,386 people from Brazil, France, Korea, the Philippines, Singapore, South Africa, Romania and the United States to determine their online dating perceptions, learn who has used the internet to find a romantic partner and the level of success that they've had.

29 percent of the French and 21 percent of Filipinos have used the internet to find love, but over one third of people who aren't online daters believe only "desperate people" use the internet to look for love.

The research also dispels the long-held belief that a person's photo was the main factor in determining whether a person would initiate communication. Of those surveyed, 25% said that the photo was most important while 39% say the written profile and another 32% saying shared interests and hobbies.

Online daters who do end up meeting face-to-face have a remarkable success rate, with 25 percent of all respondents having met their spouse or life partner through online dating. Americans (42 percent) and the French (28 percent) are the most successful in taking online love offline, while for most Filipinos (3 percent) online dating doesn't usually lead to long term love.

Almost one-third of those respondents who would not consider online dating believe that it could be dangerous, a perception that may be reinforced by the 77 percent of consumers globally who believe that most people lie in their online dating profile.

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