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2007-09-27  September 17, 2007

Thirty percent of women who use online dating services have had sex on a first date, according to a study by Sexuality Research & Social Policy, a journal of the National Sexuality Research Center. The research was conducted by Paige M. Padgett, Ph.D., and published in the June 2007 issue of the journal. The name of the study is Personal Safety and Sexual Safety for Women Using Online Personal Ads.

Safety measures some women use before meeting a man, according to the study, are:

1) Googling him.

2) Running a background check.

3) Not giving any personal information (like address, phone number, etc.).

4) Revisit subjects already discussed to see if the man is lying.

5) Gut instinct.

The study shows a strong popularity of online daters using email to communicate with each other. Some women set sex boundaries via email, others made it clear there would be no sex on the first date, and others didn't discuss the subject at all.

The study used a survey placed on various online dating services and targetting women. The survey was completed by 740 women of which 568 said they had met someone in person. While 30% had sex on the first date, some were specifically looking for that.
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