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Extensive profile
What kind of television shows do you enjoy watching?
comedys, detective (city confidential...etc) Nip/Tuck, Inside the Actors Guild, documentaries
What are your television viewing habits like?
usually on for noise
Tell us about your all time favorite TV show and why we should watch it.
NYPD Blue...when Jimmi Smits was still on. That should sum it up
What kind of movies do you enjoy the most?
romantic comedys and SciFi
How often do you go to the movies?
Once or twice a month.
Tell us about your favorite movie and why you like it so much.
That would be "The Big Chill". I loved the dynamics of the friendships protrayed and how they evolved from college
What kind of music do you enjoy listening to?
Jazz, rock, new age
What does listening to music do for you?
It is inspiring.
Tell us who your favorite singer/band is and why you like them so much.
Sarah McLaughlin, Moody Blues, Manheim Steamroller, TransSiberian Orchestra, Craig Chiquiso, It's too difficult to pick just one because I enjoy so many different types of music
Tell us about the first album/CD you bought with your own money. Who? What? Do you still have it?
That would have been Darik and the Dominos...Layla. I do not have the album but I enjoy both the original and the "unplugged" versions.
What are your favorite types of books to read?
romantic books, insprirational books
When do you find time for reading a book?
Time? What time?
Tell us about your favorite author or book and why you enjoy them so much.
"Bridges of Madison Co" and the Bible
Tell us about how your favorite way to spend your free time indoors.
cooking, listening to music, entertaining and watching TV

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